Top 10 MATHER GROUP INC 13F Positions in Q4 2015

Mather Group Inc Portfolio Overview

Mather Group Inc just filed its quarterly 13F. Dated 03/02/2016, the 13f form reveals the institutional investor has a portfolio value of $431.46 million, representing an increase of $52.07 million from the previous quarter when it was $379.40 million. Note: This filling reprents about 99.05% of Mather Group Inc’s assets, which which are listed in the US.

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Based on $435.59 million in assets under management, Mather Group Inc’s equity exposure is 99.05% of assets.

New Stocks

During this quarter, Mather Group Inc started positions in Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Mortg (VMBS) for $34.76 million, Ishares Tr Iboxx Hi Yd (HYG) for $25.03 million, Spdr Series Trust S&P Semicndctr (XSD) for $14.11 million, Spdr Series Trust Hlth Care Svcs (XHS) for $14.09 million and Vanguard World Fds Health Car Etf (VHT) for $14.02 million. These were the 5 biggest new positions. In total the institutional investor bought 11 new stocks.

Portfolio New Buys

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_table vc_table_theme=”default” el_class=”pagecolor3″][bg#f9f9f9;b]Top%205%20New%20Buys,[bg#f9f9f9]|[bg]Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Mortg,[bg#05a215;c#ffffff]8.06%25|[bg]Ishares Tr Iboxx Hi Yd,[bg#05a215;c#ffffff]5.80%25|[bg]Spdr Series Trust S&P Semicndctr,[bg#05a215;c#ffffff]3.27%25|Spdr Series Trust Hlth Care Svcs,[bg#03a510;c#ffffff]3.27%25|Vanguard World Fds Health Car Etf,[bg#03a510;c#ffffff]3.25%25[/vc_table][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_table vc_table_theme=”default” el_class=”pagecolor3″][bg#f9f9f9;b]13F%20Sector%20Allocation,[bg#f9f9f9]|[bg]Finance,[bg#05a215;c#ffffff]86%25|[bg]Health Care,[bg#05a215;c#ffffff]7%25|[bg]Industrials,[bg#03a510;c#ffffff]3%25|[bg]Information Technology,[bg#03a510;c#ffffff]3%25|[bg]Consumer Discretionary,[bg#03a510;c#ffffff]0%25[/vc_table][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Increased Positions

As shown in this 13f form the institutional investor lifted its stakes in Vanguard Intl Equity Index Ftse Europe Etf (VGK) by 45% to $25.33 million, Wisdomtree Tr Japn Hedge Eqt (DXJ) by 20% to $15.42 million, Ishares Tr Msci India Etf (INDA) by 81% to $10.19 million, Ishares Tr Core Msci Eafe (IEFA) by 77% to $2.01 million and Ishares Tr Fltg Rate Bd Etf (FLOT) by 117% to $2.22 million. Mather Group Inc also acquired smaller stakes in Ishares Tr Sht Ntlamtfr Etf (SUB) by 55.87% to $839,000, Ishares Tr S&P 500 Grwt Etf (IVW) by 66.05% to $815,000 and Spdr Series Trust Nuvn Br Sht Muni (SHM) by 82.99% to $815,000. Building positions gradually is normal investment practice for many hedge funds.

Sold Stocks

This fund sold all its stakes in Spdr Series Trust S&P Retail Etf (XRT), Spdr Series Trust S&P Transn Etf, Spdr Series Trust S&P Pharmaceuticals Etf (XPH) and Ishares Tr Us Oil Eq&Sv Etf (IEZ). These securities constituted 4.17%, 3.91%, 3.64% and 2.41% of the manager’s portfolio, respectively. We can only speculate about the reasons for the selling but we believe it has to do with either value, momentum or a better place for Mather Group Inc’s capital.

Portfolio Sold All

Reduced Positions

The fund also slashed its postitons in Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Shrt Trm Corp Bd (VCSH) by -24.26%, Ishares Tr Rus 1000 Grw (IWF) by -3.07%, Wisdomtree Tr Europe Hedged Eq (HEDJ) by -1.50%, Select Sector Spdr Tr Sbi Cons Discr (XLY) by -20.71% and Ishares Tr U.S. Aer&Def Etf (ITA) by -16.46%.

Top Holdings

Ishares Tr 1 (CSJ), Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Shrt Trm Corp Bd (VCSH) and Ishares Tr Rus 1000 Grw (IWF) made up the majority of Mather Group Inc’s total US long portfolio in this quarter. These securities were top 3 and constitute 36.86% of Mather Group Inc’s US-listed securities. The top 10 securities make approximately 78.48% of the fund’s portfolio value.

Portfolio Top Holdings

It seems Mather Group Inc holds concentrated portfolio. We wonder do they believe, same as many legendary traders, that diversification is losing trading approach? The image above provides a snapshot of Mather Group Inc’s top 10 US-listed equities in this quarter.

Sectors Share

Finance Sector Mather Group Inc - Mather Group Inc lifted the finance sector from 81% to 86%. According to the 13f form, the active investment manager also has securities for 7% in the health care sector. The information technology sector is 3% of Mather Group Inc’s 13F reported securities. The fund slashed the Consumer Discretionary, Energy and Industrials sector positions by 0%, 0% and 3%, respectively.

So these are Q4 2015 fund’s sector weights now: finance 86% for $371.06 million, health care 7% for $30.20 million, industrials 3% for $12.94 million and information technology 3% for $12.94 million.

Important Position Changes

Top 10 Q4 2015 New Positions: Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Mortg (VMBS), Ishares Tr Iboxx Hi Yd (HYG), Spdr Series Trust S&P Semicndctr (XSD), Spdr Series Trust Hlth Care Svcs (XHS), Vanguard World Fds Health Car Etf (VHT), Market Vectors Etf Tr Hg Yld Mun Etf (HYD), Schlumberger Ltd (SLB), Ishares Tr S&P Mc 400Vl (IJJ), Ishares Tr Sp Smcp600gr (IJT) and Magellan Midstream Prtnrs Lp (MMP).

Top 10 Q4 2015 Sold Out Completely: Spdr Series Trust S&P Retail Etf (XRT), Spdr Series Trust S&P Transn Etf, Spdr Series Trust S&P Pharmaceuticals Etf (XPH) and Ishares Tr Us Oil Eq&Sv Etf (IEZ).


Download the full 13F form in CSV: default iconQ4-2015-Mather-Group-Inc-13F-Portfolio-Stock-Holdings.csv

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