Team Health Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:TMH) Share Rating Recap

Shares of Team Health Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:TMH) are tracked by many analysts as well as crowd investors. Research from Beta Systems keeps track of crowd sourced sentiment and provides consensus stock ratings. The rating information comes mainly from financial professionals and investors who closely monitor company activity. The crowd ratings use open records and scorecards which give advanced transparency to the whole ratings process. The intent of these ratings is to provide a more comprehensive overview of the present stock sentiment. Shares of Team Health Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:TMH) have a current average rating of 5. Based on a numeric scale from 1 to 5, a rating of 1 would represent a Strong Sell, and a rating of 5 would signify a Strong Buy. Right now, there are 1 active stock ratings. 1 have rated the stock as a Strong Buy while 0 have marked shares as a Moderate Buy. Traders frequently like to track the opinions that Street analysts have on a stock. Zacks Research offers ratings and projections from covering analysts.

Currently, the range of targets that analysts have provided fall between 40 and $75. The consensus price target on the stock is currently resting at $53.333. Zacks Research also offers broker ratings compiled from polled analysts. The rating scale that is used, is the opposite from the Closing Bell scale. Using this scale, a 1 rating would indicate a Strong Buy and a 5 would indicate a Strong Sell rating. Team Health Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:TMH) has a current ABR of 1.69 which is currently using 12 different ratings.

Checking in on earnings, the company is scheduled to next release earnings information on or around 2016-05-09. Analysts are expecting the company to report earnings per share for the quarter of $0.58. The company most recently posted quarterly EPS of $0.61 for the period that finished on 2015-12-31.

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